Videos of Uncommon Weirdness

So, you’re trying to contact someone at Fook Movie. What are you, nuts?

Look, here’s the deal:

We’re not sure our lovely interns should be exposed to the kind of people who would want to be in touch with the creator of the Fook movies.

Those examples of cinematic surrealism were time-sculpted by Joseph Medville Fook, a convicted repeat killer (what the media calls a “serial killer”). Mr. Fook was serving a life sentence in Creedmoor Asylum for the Criminally Insane at the time he made those alarming videos.

But hey, if you want to reach out to John Scott G, you can visit his site. JSG was the “as told to” guy who actually wrote Fook’s book. The book is about murders. And sex. And a shipload of stuff that will shock some of you.

What? Oh, yeah, the Fook book is on JSG’s site.