Videos of Uncommon Weirdness

Joseph Medville Fook is a character in two novels written by John Scott G: Doctor True and Area Code 666.

Joseph Medville Fook was born Joseph Morgan Klattenburg in the summer of 1967 to lower-class parents who had just won a multi-million-dollar lottery. His premature birth aboard a storm-tossed yacht resulted in his father’s death and his mother’s confinement to a wheelchair.

“Joeburg,” as he was called by the media, was convicted of 26 gruesome murders (there were hung juries on 44 additional slayings). Committed to Creedmoor Asylum for the Criminally Insane, he is non-violent if left alone to make his surrealistic and Dadaistic videos. He creates his mini-epics on equipment purchased from the generous endowment the institution receives annually from his mother.

Trustees of the Klattenburg estate insist he not use the family name so he invented the moniker Joseph Medville Fuck. When he discovered that YouTube refused to host videos under that name, he realized he could “play an inside joke by closing up the U and the C” to create Fook.